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The Champion Risk & Insurance Services Employee Benefits Practice is dedicated to your success. We work hard to understand where you are today and the unique challenges that prevent you from getting to where you want to be. We also understand that offering an employee benefits program is one of your largest expenses, yet much of this value is wasted because employees don’t understand, use, or appreciate their benefits program.

Whether you’re looking to drive growth, minimize risk, or maximize employee engagement – or all of the above – our team of experienced benefits professionals is passionately committed to making sure that your employee benefits program is aligned with your company’s overall business objectives to provide maximum return on investment for the dollars you spend.

Our combination of expertise and integrity provides peace of mind to our clients by helping them make the right human capital investment that will pay dividends in the future. From streamlined administration to enhanced compliance to increased employee engagement, Champion Risk & Insurance Services is committed to designing a custom program that helps you achieve your goals.

We deliver value to our clients by providing:

  • Multi-year benefits strategy
  • Annual written service commitments and stewardship reports
  • Customized plan designs and tools
  • Ongoing compliance support and facilitation
  • Employee Health and Performance Consulting
  • Cost management and trend analysis
  • Customized Open Enrollment
  • Full-service, seamless transitions
  • Custom branded benefit guides
  • Ongoing HR support
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